weather you made a full lifestyle change and color is is the last thing to change or youre here beacuse  you didnt know low- tox color existed - WELCOME 


One of the biggest misconceptions is that organic color won’t give you the same results. But truly when you nourish from the inside out your hair texture and color are all the more luscious.

  • For hair color to work it needs a certain amount of chemicals to actually process ,the difference is you can have the highest amount of organic bio dynamic ingredients and the lowest amount of harmful toxins

  • What goes into your body matters ( it enters your bloodstream in  26 seconds)  

  • I choose to work with Oway( Organic Way)  as my holistic hare care line- that prioritize health, wellness , and awareness for stylists + consumers.


  • Oway is the cleanest option available today : free of PPDs ,resorcinol ,and ammonia with nourishing plant butters no fragrance -only essential oil’s. 

I am partnered with Holistic Hair Tribe to bring your favorite styling products delivered to your door!

responsible trade practices, that support enviormentalism&organic farming ,cruelty free, vegan

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