about brenda




  • Im obbsesed with alI things clean beauty + wellness.

  • i grew up in Oceanside, CA( hence my deep and profound love for the ocean) & a strong Mexican culture where plants and herbs were used daily.

  • love connecting with clients on a deeper level...sharing all health/wellness tips and recipes especially now that I’m a momma to 2 beautiful baby girls. 

  • I’m a Libra ( if you’re into that kinda stuff)  – I have a natural easy going and calming personality, my goal is to build trust & open up communication so we can achieve your #hairgoals no matter what your current state is.

I specialize in lived in hair color and holistic hair care.

Hair that is dimensional, sun-kissed , an enhanced version of your natural hair.

Lived in color is the difference between color that is visibly grown out and "light" that has been  strategically placed on your own unique canvas .





heres a short interview I did with Voyage Phoenix, explaining a little more in depth why i switched to low tox hair color and motherhood

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